The gaming industry gets viewed differently depending on what company you are talking about. Valve having high respect amongst gamers, where on the other end of the stick EA sits as one of the most hated companies. In a multi million industry companies such as EA can be defended by saying that they are a company that wants to make more money which is always followed by the phrase "its just business". Granted that big companies are on top of their game by being great business men (& women) you some times have to argue that maybe if these companies changed their tactics that maybe that would also work for them.
Using EA as an example (they are a great example) These are the main reason companies such as them are hated :
  • Day one DLC
  • Sticking multi player in games for no reason (dead space, mass effect)
  • Buying out studios and destroyingv them
  • online passes
These are the low blows that gamers face, ok i'm being a bit dramatic there but its enough to make you angry. 
Now lets look at their reasoning, they're a business and a business needs to make money ok, so why spend the millions they do on over advertising. YES it brings in a bit more money but these guys spend millions on the stuff. 
DAY 1 DLC, this is my turn off, i once decided to buy the damned thing and its not a mistake i will make again. 
Give the people what you want and your business will thrive. Give them a full money's worth storyline with replay value. In a intelligent industry they seem to fail at their primary goal. Games like Skyrim keep you hooked, they keep you coming back for more and if you love a game so much and you want more then you are more then happy to purchase additional DLC.


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    May 2013