I want to start this off by giving you my console gaming history.

Sega Megadrive, loved it and introduced the world of gaming to me I will forever be great full to it and sonic was my best friend.

Playstation 1. This was my choice, a great console that wasn’t ever rivalled in my eyes

Playstation 2. This for me was a highlight of a console. The ultimate console in couch coop and probably the last great couch coop console. Xbox tried to rival it but I never really saw it as a threat and still never find myself thinking I wish I had the original xbox to play any of its games.

Xbox 360. I picked this up because it was cheap and promising. I still to this day believe I made the right choice. A great console war was had and us the gamers benefitted from it.

Nintendo WII. Lets be honest we all have one.

And so we are nearing a new age of war.  The Xbox one VS PS4.

At this time there are still a lot of surprises waiting for us and there are still a lot of un-answered questions. It’s been an interesting month so far with some jaw dropping presentations both good and bad. For me in an age where consoles cost so much and you are essentially choosing which console you will commit too and allow it to live in your bedroom previous loyalty goes out the window.

For me I was hoping to continue my relationship with my xbox but with the recent announcements it seems like my xbox may soon become an ex-box.

That said I do look at my future console as my next potential relationship. Do I want my new lass (xbox one) to watch me constantly waiting for me to utter the words “turn on” while making sure I am always connected to the internet in order for her to pay me any attention. Not only that but this chick won’t allow me to hang out with my friends and let them play and borrow my things without her.  

Or do I want to pick up this new girl called Sony who I am unfamiliar with, need to find new friends to hang out with but at the same time seems really fun, cool and fresh.

Both of them are visually attractive, both so far have blown my mind but both any second I’m expecting to turn around and let me down.

At this point I’m going to stop referring my consoles as a potential chick’s I’m going to date.

With Xbox One stepping up and going first in the presentations they decided to get the negative bits out of the way while still showing off what would otherwise be a great console. Obviously going first always leaves you open to an attack by your rivals which Sony did in a classy and fun way. Click here to see the video of them showing how easy it is to share games compared to xbox's way.

So I’m left with a tough decision as are many gamers out there. The xbox at this point seems un-ethical, creepy and greedy while the PS4 is coming across too good to be true.

There’s a lot we still need to know and we are in for an interesting ride. Let’s just hope us gamers get what we want and not be told what we need.

I would make a point about the price difference in consoles but at the moment we don’t know what each console is fully capable of.

On a side not the PS3 was more expensive then the 360 but when you worked out the online fees they balanced themselves out.