Ah yes the WII U. Some will laugh, some will feel sorry and the ones that own it may feel disappointed so far.

With the console wars going on the Nintendo WII can look a bit of an outcast. But with the uncertainty of the X1 and PS4 issues such as online connectivity, used games, game trading and other issues yet to be fully explained the WII U should use this opportunity and take advantage of it.

What would happen if the WII U throws out a few popular games and new ideas?

In recent years we can clearly see that gamers often get persuaded to buy consoles or handhelds depending on certain titles. Fans that do this often say “I only brought this console for this game then I’m going to sell it”. But consoles know this and consoles often use this trick as a hook to reel you in then they release a couple more games that interest you.

So what I’m going to do is give a few examples of games that would easily reel us in if executed properly and don’t get rushed. Lets hope they’re in the pipeline.

Pokemon world 3d

No I’m not talking about the 3DS version hitting the WII U I’m talking about a Skyrim like Pokemon game. YES!!! The fans want it so give it to them!

With the WII graphics it wouldn’t be possible but with the WII U it is. Imagine walking around an open world watching wild Pokemon wonder waiting for you to enter battle and to catch them. Imagine entering new towns and looking in search of the Pokemon GYM. And when things aren’t going your way with a few fainted Pokemon you dash to the nearest Pokemon center to visit that pretty nurse joy.

Also using the WII U tablet as a Pokedex, back pack and to interact with your Pokemon is a Tamagotchi sort of way would really make this game stick out.

This if made properly would surely catch every gamers attention. Not only will the WII U be selling like hot cakes it will also re wake the Pokemon series from its sleep walking state.

If they really wanted to make things interesting then add a 2nd player either online or couch coop. this would be great for exploring, Battling or trading Pokemon.

The thought of this game makes me far too excited.


YES. D&D is one of my personal favourites. Forget the 360 version and think back to the pen and paper games. Now scrap that and imagine this. D&D for the WII U with a dungeon master and everything. BUT HOW You say?

Easy, It’s as if this console was made for it.

The dungeon master is in control of the WII U tablet with this they place traps, enemies, items and everything else a normal DM would do. With this tablet they could even write messages to appear on screen, choose map layouts and throw in a few surprises for your mates.

The other players will use the normal WIImotes to complete the objectives given to them and battle everything you throw at them. Think about this and it suits the WII U, its great as a party game and it will never get old.


LEGO has a strong relationship with Nintendo and with the success of LEGO city could this next game also be made?

Think minecraft but LEGO. Still not interesting enough for you?

Imagine having a sandbox game filled with LEGO, you build anything you fancy and it comes to life. Build cities, cars, planes, jet packs and death stars. If you build a plane you fit a plane engine, this then allows you to enter it and fly it. The same with everything else. You build it and add the correct engine it becomes drivable. This becomes a great game and both LEGO and Minecraft fans will love it.

With Minecraft you can’t exactly interact with what you build but with this LEGO tile the things you build will become fully interactive.

These games would really reel in new gamers and could potentially make the WII U a true contender for the console war.


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